Welcome at the WWW server of the Privates Internet Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V.

Privates Internet Ostwestfalen-Lippe    (Diese Seite ist auch auf deutsch verfügbar)

This server was hosted since 1996 on the system web.owl.de which was located in the club room of the Private Internet Ostwestfalen-Lippe and connected to the Internet first via a leased 128KBit ISDN line and later on with a 10MBit ethernet connection. For finacial reasons is the server now located in Berlin by a big provider.

Please send questions and suggestions about this server to ludwig(a)royal.owl.de.


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If you search for more information about the domain owl.de please contact our information account.

Currently, most of the information stored on this server is in German. This has to major reasons:

Anyway, if you're interested in what we're doing here and know some German, feel free to take a look at our pages:

Information about the domain owl.de, ...

  • General information about owl.de
  • Our info flyer (only in german)
  • Current events: New administrative structures for the domain owl.de
  • Internet access points in Ostwestfalen/Lippe, contacts and services
  • owl.de roadmap - some (more or less) important mail addresses and pointers to domain-related news groups
  • Home Pages
  • Access statistics for this server
  • Access statistics for our uucp.owl.de server
  • .. non-local pages and ...

  • WWW server of the subdomain gt.owl.de (Gütersloh)
  • WWW server of the distributionsystem devnull.owl.de
  • WWW server of the distributionsystem royal.owl.de
  • Germany`s National Research and Education Network